6 Jun 2018

Radio Workshop

Third and fourth graders worked hard in this project for the Vaughan Radio . Here is the result:

Well done, everyone!

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31 May 2018

We Take Care of Our Planet

Our planet is in danger! Fourth  graders show their corcern about our planet and give solutions.

Thank you, Michael!

15 Nov 2017


We celebrated the Sports Day at school. It was fun! 

26 Jan 2017

Nueva plataforma digital de lecturas y actividades en inglés

Hasta final de curso, los alumnos de primaria podrán reforzar y ampliar su aprendizaje del idioma de una forma lúdica en casa con su ordenador o tablet de forma gratuita. Solo tenéis que  hacer click en la imagen e introducir vuestro código y contraseña. En dicha plataforma digital encontraréis multitud de lecturas y actividades.

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Os animamos, padres, a que la utilicéis con vuestros hijos de forma regular.

Have Fun!

11 Dec 2016



PE is composed of two words, lets analyse each one of them:

· Education: teaching covers all areas of the person.
· Physical: refers to the physical component  (movement).   

So we can consider Physical Education as the set of disciplines and exercises designed to achieve the integral development of the person, working all abilities: cognitive, affective, social and motor. It is one of the areas that make up the stages of education, whether primary or secondary, along with others such as Mathematics, Language, Art Education, Music, ...


It's a sport. It is understood as a set of exercises accompanied by music, dance steps and sometimes some accessories, gymnasts perform on a track or device. It is part of Physical Education, and we see it in skills such as somersaults, handstand, the side wheel, etc. We can distinguish between: RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS // ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS: 

In conclusion we can say that gymnastics is a sport, and that sport is part of the contents of Physical Education. Therefore, from now on we know the difference between these two concepts so now you can even correct people who do not distinguish them.

We know that this subject is called PHYSICAL EDUCATION.